Announcements on green cards for healthcare professionals, DACA, and Same Sex marriages. Click here for more information»

Multicultural Leadership Training - SAAVI partners with New Detroit, Inc to raise awareness of South Asian community in Michigan. Panellists speak on culture, history, and Issues. Click here for photos»

Apply for your U.S. Citizenship! Come to New Americans Campaign (NAC) workshops!

Apply for your U.S. Citizenship at SAAVI's NAC workshops. Starting May 2014, new forms are 21 pages long with complicated questions.

Immigration attorneys and BIA accredited professionals will review your application and provide follow-up support for free.
We can check for English and Civic test exemptions (if you are 50, 55, or 65, and have been living over 15 or 20 years you don't have to take English test. You also have a shortened Civics test (10 questions only, not 100).

We also check for fee waiver, if people qualify.

SAAVI plans to offer English and Civics classes for citizenship interview. Locations and dates to be determined. Need at least 8 people for each class. To enroll, email

Eligibility Criteria:

Under Study materials for Civics test in the following languages:
Bengali Civics test questions»

What are the challenges for immigrants? How does the immigration status affect their work and life? Watch speakers share their stories and opinions:

Immigration stories»
More immigration stories»

See why you should become a U.S. citizen.

Click here for Somesh Khare's story»
See what Jayathi Khare has to say about U.S. citizenship»

Beat the longer and more intrusive U.S. citizenship application form! Click here on why you need to become a citizen today!

Register here for Jan 25th U.S. citizenship application event. Click here for details on event.

SAAVI, a member of Detroit New Americans Campaign (DNAC), will offer free U.S. naturalization workshops between January - May 2014. Click here to register for a workshop convenient to you.

Important tax information for U.S. citizens and aliens
A Guide to Make an Offshore Bank Account Disclosure to the IRS»
Tax Guide for US Citizens & Aliens living abroad»

Click here to learn more about organizations that are collaborating in Detroit to help you become U.S. citizens:

Why you should become a U.S. citizen: Click here»

Watch a video here: Becoming a U.S. Citizen: An Overview of the Naturalization Process

Click here for list of documents to bring:

Study materials for Civics test in the following languages:
Hindi - Translation services generously donated by Mr. J.J. Patel
Tamil - Translation services generously donated by Dr. Rajaraman M.D.

New Americans Campaign – NAC collaborative member

Citizenship is an important milestone along immigrants’ journey toward full political and economic membership in the U.S. With citizenship, immigrants receive the complete range of rights accorded to the native born, most notably the right to vote in national elections. By naturalizing, immigrants also gain a range of practical benefits, including security from deportation, access to certain public sector jobs and the ability to travel abroad on a US passport.

The New Americans Campaign is a groundbreaking national network of legal-service providers, faith-based organizations, businesses, foundations and community leaders that is paving a better road to citizenship so that greater numbers of legally qualified permanent residents take the critical step to becoming American citizens.

Detroit New Americans Campaign Collaborative is offering free U.S.Citizenship Application Workshops:

For more information on Immigration needs of the South Asian American community, click here

Outreach events - Employment and student visa related, Click here

The Gang of 8 introduced the much awaited comprehensive immigration bill April 16, 2013. The bill proposes to eliminate backlogs for work visa backlogs and proposes worldwide employment visas be increased to 40%. The bill also proposes changes in family visas - only unmarried adult children and married adult children less than 31 years will come under "immediate family."

Click here for the complete, 844-page bill.

Here's some talking points on how this bill affects the Asian/South Asian community, top 10 Q's and A's, and a summary of the proposed bill. Click here.

See SAAVI's advocacy work on our Facebook page:

Overhauling Immigration: Asians Matter Too

The national conversation about overhauling immigration often focuses on Latino immigrants. But what works for one ethnic group may not be ideal for all. Host Michel Martin finds out what Asian immigrants want most from immigration reform. Click here for why overhauling immigration matters for Asians

What You Need to Know to Become a U.S. Citizen: A Guide for South Asians





•  100 Citizenship Questions - Gujarati

•  100 Citizenship Questions - Urdu

•  Free Immigration Clinic at Plymoth | Apr 20

•  Free Citizenship Application Workshop at Troy | Jun 1


SAAVI in collaboration with Michigan United is furthering the immigration needs of the South Asian American community through Gandhi Fellows in community organizing.

Click here for how you can advance the immigration needs of the community.


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